Discussing middle ground MMORPGs


I was listening to a discussion about the lack of middle-ground MMORPGs in development over at the Massively OP podcast (about 80% into the episode from 20th Feb). This linked in my mind to discussions about Sea of Thieves from my blogroll and the attempted justification of the randomised character generation makes me cringe it’s so bad. Upcoming MMORPGs are for the most part pretty low ambition as well, lacking breadth and focused on a niche playerbase. The loss of the middle-ground, of ambitious upstart MMOs is being felt – there some existing games around that cater to pve/raiders, pvpers, altoholics, tradeskillers and roleplayers, but what about games under development?

It seems that if you’re not looking for a survival game or a pvp-focused sandbox or ‘battle royale’ style game (and I’m not) then it’s going to be slim pickings going forwards. That, of course, is discounting the solid games…

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