Dungeons and Dragons is Better Without the DM Screen

Roll Stats

Hey there StatRollers! Let me play Dungeon Master for a moment and set the scene for you. Your D&D party has been adventuring for months. They have uncovered deep and intricate plot hooks, dealt with nefarious ne’er do well NPCs, tracked through miles of desolate wasteland and delved down into the deepest, darkest, most dangerous dungeons (Whew! now that’s some alliteration right there!) and all of it is culminating in the last battle, the final battle with the BBEG (big bad evil guy). The fate of your entire Dungeons & Dragons campaign rests on the outcome of not just this battle, but this dice roll, this single dice roll will decide the fate of the world! The entire party is riveted to the table! They’re anticipating the outcome! They’re hanging on the result…

Do you roll that dice behind a Dungeon Master’s screen?

Today I want to talk about…

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