The Catacombs of Olik Gullar

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Since the Day of the Green Sun three weeks ago, the catacombs of Olik Gullar have been teeming with the undead. A sanctified necropolis, Olik Gullar contains untold numbers of the dead from the city above. The catacombs have been locked down now, but some worry that it is only a matter of time before the restless dead claw their way through to the cobbled streets of the city proper…

The Catacombs of Olik Gullar The Catacombs of Olik Gullar

This map is a “proof of concept” of what I wanted a few earlier catacomb & sewer maps to look like. I just didn’t have the skill at the time to pull it off. I drew this on a single page, with the two different scales for the overview and callouts – although I ended up moving the callouts a bit in photoshop afterwards because they were a bit cramped in some places and sparse…

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