Intelligent conversations: AI in video games

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Novelist Naomi Alderman (co-creator of Zombies, Run! with Six to Start, which I wrote about last month) published an article for The Guardian in January 2016 on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) in video games. After being asked by one of the app’s users whether they could make its characters converse with the player in real-time, she wondered whether it would be that great when we reach the point of full AI experiences.

Alderman’s piece, set in 2166 when you ‘turn on your 27th generation XStationPlayBone’, was the first I read after being posed a question by The Gaming Diaries as part of a Unique Blogger Award nomination: if you could meet any video game character and ask them one question, who would you meet and what would you ask? This got me thinking and resulted in a post which has gone a little off-topic…

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