Books to Read if You’re a Gamer


Sometimes I feel like gaming and book reading can’t coexist. Many great games last upwards of thirty hours and reading a novel is clearly a time eating hobby as well. Over the last year I’ve come to appreciate books far more than I ever did before. While video games stimulate our minds with interactivity, I like to think that books open our minds (more specifically our imagination).

If you’re like how I was and dedicated almost all your free time to playing games and surfing the web, here are a couple of books that are worth your time just as much as that hot game you’re playing right now:

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Image result for dark matter bookGames this book reminds me of: Bioshock Infinite and a little bit of Uncharted 4

What’s it about? 

Dark Matter is the story of Jason, a college professor who lives a comfortable enough life. Like anybody…

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