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Citi Plays DDO

A Look At My Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Builds

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I play on three servers: Cannith all week long, Argonnessen on Wednesday afternoons, and on the weekends Thelanis when I am on late.

I have multiple characters on each server, but the ones I play most on each server tend to be those with which I have the most knowledge/ fun; and let’s face it, knowing how to play your build tends to make for a far greater experience.

I’d like to point out that I prefer pure builds, as splash just seems to take away from the idea of what the class is for me. Do splash builds tend to be more powerful? Yes. However when you focus on one thing, you should be better at it than if you spread yourself out amidst many, and I just find that inconsistent.


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