Quest failure conditions #DDO


It seems quite unusual that you can outright fail a quest in a MMORPG. You can get yourself lost or give up on one easily enough of course. But how often do we get told we’ve failed and get sent back to the start?

A jungle trek to the tomb

Last night we played “The Faithful Departed” for the first time, and right at the end the (failure) condition was triggered and we were dumped out of the instance. That’s pretty in harsh in DDO terms, if you fail you only get to keep the loot you’ve picked up thusfar, any experience rewards stacked up are gone.

Lots of poisonous monsters here

The issue really for us wasn’t that there was a failure condition, but rather that we collectively were confused by the terms of that failure condition. The wording made it sound, on this first run-through, like…

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