Raids week 65

Micki's Delirium

Saturday raids a week ago. I logged a bit late, but as soon as I put the post up for baba’s, a few Soko members joined. In 10 minutes I had a full party and we were ready to start. After the first fight I had issues clicking on the hut door, I clicked several times before managing the enter. Yes, the door was clickable when I tired, I’m guessing we all tried to click on it at the same time. Puzzles went somewhat well, we struggled with one group of scare crows, but both sides were about as fast. During the end fight I told the party to ignore the shamblers or let someone kite them. Turns out I managed to grab aggro of one of them and.. well .. died. I had not expected the damage they do.  We finished in 34 minutes. Suffering, the Half of Whole

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