Tombs of Black Ink

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Yesterday evening I was talking to David Black of The Black Hack about maps and fill styles for them for a new Black Hack release and I had a very different mental image of what a Black Hack Map would look like than what he was showing.

Tombs of Black Ink Tombs of Black Ink

So I dug into my archives and grabbed this map that I had never scanned nor released from last winter (one of 12-15 maps in the series that I was working on). I Googled a few black inkspot images to throw down as a background and this was the result.

And fuck, I think it looks glorious.

So, maybe once I’m done everything ELSE that’s already on my plate (including a commission that has me tied up until early May), I’ll finally get back to this project and try out the whole series with ink spots in the background.

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