The Best Dungeons & Dragons Advice for New Players

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Hey, #StatRollers! Last week I posted a piece entitled “What do I need to get started with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition?” It was intended to be a beginner’s guide to what a brand new player would need to have or purchase to get started in the Dungeons & Dragons hobby.

I got a message from someone (and you know who you are) that a specific portion of that video was the greatest piece of advice for new Dungeons and Dragons players across all editions. Of course, I was flattered, but it also got me thinking. What is the greatest advice for new D&D players?

I edited down that video and embedded it above so that you can see exactly the advice they were referring to. I do think it’s a good piece of advice but it’s hardly the best advice for new players. So, I’m asking you. Tell me in…

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