D&D – Between Sessions

Zach DeGeorge

In the D&D campaign that I am currently playing, I think we will usually have two or three sessions a month. In between sessions, I find myself trying to scratch that itch by doing something else D&D related. This post will go over some of the things I have been doing and some of the things I plan to do in between sessions.

Organize Materials

Over the last month, I have been trying different ways to organize and store my basic D&D supplies. I want to have each of my characters have it’s own cheap, folder-type object to carry everything they need. Character sheets, spell cards, paper for taking notes, and any other items they may need. The simplest solution would be a binder, however I don’t want to spend that much on each character, and a binder is far too bulky. The table I’m currently playing at is very…

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