One Year Later and the Switch is Still Going Strong…How is this Happening?


Well, here we are. It’s been a full year since the Switch’s initial release, and Nintendo’s mini-tablet-sized hybrid console is doing just as well now as it was then. One could even argue that it’s doing even better. Aside from the Wii, it’s been a very long time since one of Nintendo’s home consoles has seen this kind of outrageous success. It might even be worth throwing out the Wii here, but its was a success of a different type. The type of success we’re seeing here of the sort not seen since the days of the Nintendo 64, or possibly even the Super Nintendo. This isn’t a system being picked up as a curiosity by non-gamers. No, the Switch a proper system made for video game enthusiasts and is being received by them wholeheartedly. There’s a lot that could be pointed to as the source of the system’s success…

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