DDO’s AAA (Part 2)

Citi Plays DDO

Acid Arcane Archer, The Early Years Levels (1-7)

*Author’s note: A big thank you to Strimtom for sharing his build as well as allowing me to post about it! Check out his stream on Twitch: Strimtom

If you’ve ever played an archer in DDO, you will know that at times you can be… underwhelmed. Ammo shortages, lack of damage output, the fact that they can be squishy; all justified reasons that, for many players, make ranged rangers (that feels weird to say) a hard pass. I hope that this series of posts will help to fix that notoriety.

In the first part of this series, we covered the overview of Strimtom’s Acid Arrow (also known as the Acid Arcane Archer build). Now we’ll take a closer look at how to configure and play this build through the first seven levels.

Remember that as you level, you’ll want to continue to…

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