Syp’s Gaming Goals for May 2018

Bio Break

April in review

  • I began the month very much on fire for RIFT Prime and ended it with a whimper. While I had a reasonable amount of fun, I disliked the pressure to keep up and stopped getting into as much group activities. With so much else on my plate and plenty of (free) fantasy MMOs to keep my interest, I decided to let my sub lapse and walk away.
  • World of Warcraft was mostly a month of gold making and gradual questing. I did unlock the Lightforged Draenei and got an impressive four WoW Tokens thanks to selling one item for a whole bunch of gold.
  • I finally got into the Mists of Ravenloft expansion in Dungeons and Dragons Online and worked my way through most of the new South Africa update in Secret World Legends, both of which filled my horror quotient for the year.
  • I made…

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The Paper Mario Prank That Changed Everything


As we’re talking about video game pranks and foolishness this month, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the most important gaming prank I ever came into contact with. It’s weird thinking of an obnoxious think like a prank as “important,” but that’s what this one wound up being. It’s something I’d never fall for today thanks to almost constantly being connected to that wonderful, yet kinda worrisome tool we all know as the internet. Like most people, I wasn’t overly involved with the internet when I was younger. At the time, it still held a status of being a mostly magical and mysterious thing that only savvy people unlike myself were able to use. Well, I suppose that’s enough of trying to justify my middle-school self’s ignorance. I was fooled, and it led, at least in part, to where I am now. It’s the Paper…

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Tertiary Passages into the Depths of the Earth

Dyson's Dodecahedron

When travelling the depths of the underdark, there are passages and caves that most “civilized” denizens ignore because they are small, narrow, and fraught with obstacles. These “tertiary” passages sometimes make for useful escape or access tunnels and these have their connections to the primary and secondary passages concealed behind secret doors or other hidden access points.

Tertiary Passages into the Depths of the Earth Tertiary Passages into the Depths of the Earth

Tertiary tunnels are usually about ten feet wide with ceilings between 8 to 25 feet with an average of 15 feet or so. While drow still patrol these passages, encounters are more frequently with monsters such as xorn, lurkers above, trappers, mind flayers, and various underdark vermin.

This set of tertiary passage geomorphs includes a redraw of the original from Descent into the Depths of the Earth (on the far left), along with four new example passages for use when handling encounters along these nearly…

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Answering Big Questions #007: Defining Gamer (again)


After my last Answer to a Big Blogging Question, I’m happy to report this is a topic that does not get me nearly as riled up. Usually.

This is a question I’ve actually already talked about and subtly answered before the well-regarded Well-Red Mage posed his seventh Big Blogging Question. If left to my own devices, I would stand by what I spoke about before: if you play a game, whether it is on a console, a PC, or a mobile device, you are a gamer.

The end. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

I’m just kidding. Of course there’s more to this issue than just my opinion. I’ve unfortunately been around the internet long enough to know that gamers are often categorized into three categories: “hardcore,” “casual,” and “non.” Interesting, these categories are often assigned by the people who put themselves in the “hardcore” category…

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Cerge 9.0

Micki's Delirium

Cerge started out his life as a sorcerer and then he became a wizard and a bard (arcane sphere). His three first lives he was a non iconic, but since iconics were released, all of Cerge’s lives have been iconic. Before his current life as a ranger, he was a favored soul, a cleric, a paladin (divine sphere) and a druid. Now the time has come for Cerge to try artificer. Since I want to stick to iconics, Cerge’s arti life will be split with rogue.

This is my first time doing this kind of build, and even though I did ask Hamster for a lot of advice, I do want to try a few minor differences to see what I prefer. This is only the first draft, and I’ll most likely make changes along the way. For this draft I chose to put points in diplomacy, intimidate and bluff…

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Why do I take Rogue at level 1?

DDO Build Masters

Simply put: Skills.

First level gives x4 skills vs other levels. Also it gets you access to the trapper skills and umd so you can maintain them when taking other levels. The only reason not to take rogue or arti at first level in a multiclass is if you are in an iconic and can’t.

When do I take my second trapper level? I find the sweet spot on a 2 splash to be no earlier than level 8. It can vary based on your int and tomes, and later is always better for skills.

Not at 2. I know you want that evasion/rune arm, but don’t do it. You don’t need it yet and you sacrifice skills by taking it early. If you are taking a trapper level in a light splash and aren’t spending all your skill points on trapper class skills you might be taking it…

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