DDO’s AAA (Part 3)

Citi Plays DDO

Acid Arcane Archer, The Middle Age Levels (8 – 14)

*Author’s note: A big thank you to Strimtom for sharing his build! Check out his stream on Twitch: Strimtom.

*Strimtom’s Build Note: This build is NOT recommended for reaper mode, though it can be an excellent support character if you drop the damage a bit and instead focus on Paralyzation Arrows. See comments section for ideas on how to get this accomplished.


In the first part of this series, we covered the overview of Strimtom’s Acid Arrow (also known as the Acid Arcane Archer build). In the second, we went into a little more detail on the first seven levels of the build, and how to play. Now we’ll do the same for the next set of levels; numbers eight through fourteen.

Remember that as you level, you’ll want to continue to increase your acid damage capacity with “Elemental…

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