Syp’s Gaming Goals for April 2018

Bio Break

March in review

  • Strangely enough, while I had strong expectations that I would be playing both Sea of Thieves and Shroud of the Avatar, I ended up avoiding the former entirely due to some red flags and only briefly touched on the latter.
  • I scaled down my gold-making enterprise in World of Warcraft (although I still got three Wow Tokens) and focused more on certain goals. I did the whole Uuna pet storyline and finished up the Suramar campaign.
  • RIFT Prime was a huge focus this month, as I dove deep into this progression server/reboot. After a couple of false starts, I leveled a Bard to 26 and got to the third zone on the Defiant side.
  • I did get in at least one weekly adventure in Dungeons and Dragons Online — yes, I know my frequency is down, but this is working out for me. I finished up…

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