DDO: Stepping into the Mists of Ravenloft

Bio Break

Enough talk and waiting to go into DDO’s latest expansion, let’s do it why not? Let’s go!

Piloting a very fresh level 11 Artificer, I stepped through the mists portal in House J to appear in a land that is quite unlike Stormreach…

Welcome to Mists of Ravenloft’s Barovia. The dark screenshots really don’t do these areas justice — they’re moody and creepy as all get out. It has just the right amount of foliage to get in the way of your eyeline so that you don’t always see enemies lying ahead as you’re moving through the woods. Right away, the music and setting made me feel alone and in trouble.

Then again, I had a clockwork dog and a machine gun crossbow at my side. THEY should be afraid of ME.

I did the very short introduction quest “Into the Mists.” Here, you get a taste for the expansion…

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