DDO – Korthos Island

MMO Juggler

I know I’ve played all this content before, but the nice thing about deja vu is that this time around I can work on the finer points of being a monk. Which is to say, practice (build up muscle memory) for finishing moves. At level 1, it is even easier, because I only have the 4 elemental attacks (earth, air, water, fire) and the 4 finishing moves those lead to. More options come into play later, but for now this is good.

So I’ve been racing around Korthos Island to complete exploration deeds, and plunging into battle without too much planning. Most of the fights (outside at least) are not overwhelming. Besides, in this game, combat works a bit faster.

Korthos View Korthos View

After clearing out a handful of enemies guarding a mountain peak (“Watchful Vigil” exploration point), I took in the view. Later I wrapped up Korthos Island and adventured…

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