Tower of the Marmoset Savant

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Marmoset Savant is a very small, very shy, marmoset wizard of moderate level and impressive knowledge. They are probably the shiest deus ex machina I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

Tower of the Marmoset Savant Tower of the Marmoset Savant

As one of the land’s smallest sages and wizards, the Marmoset Savant is rarely found in the same home twice. Once they have divested themselves of important information to get the adventurers back on track to saving the kidnapped child / saving the kingdom / saving the world, they pack up their goods and build a new home where they will be needed next.

The marmoset savant doesn’t divest their knowledge easily, however. As a shy and tiny wizard, they often need to be lured out of their tiny home of jumbled blocks with interesting trinkets, new magics, or exotic nuts & berries.

Of course, the layout of the marmoset savant’s tower can…

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