DDO’s AAA, Part 5 (Epic Levels)

Citi Plays DDO

Strimtom’s Acid Arrow Ranger Build, Epic Fail Levels

*Disclaimer: This build is not my own, and upon it I have no claim. All recognition goes to Strimtom for its creation as well as sharing it with the rest the player base.

** Apologies (again) for the late post (again). IRL is a mess right now, which I’m in an attempt to rectify. Blog post schedule may need to change again, but until I know for sure, it shall stay where it is. This post shall be a short one due to lack of time/ subject matter (last of the AAA posts, and there’s not much that changes).

The original thought for this build was that it would never make it through epic difficulties, but as it turns out, you just need a slight shift in playstyle.


Can you run Epic Elite solo? Probably not, unless you’re a veteran player and…

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