The Half-Truth about Tier Lists in Fighting Games

3rd World Geeks

There was a time when Street Fighter V fans didn’t like Abigail that much. When his trailer dropped during EVO last year, there was an immediate dislike for the character as he just looked incredibly weird. He was a hulking brute who reached almost to the top of the screen. His special attacks look rather silly and his intro, where he would sound like a little kid and make car noises as he entered the field of battle, added to how stupid he looked. It looked like people were going to avoid using him as he just didn’t seem like that great of an addition to the game.

Fast forward to a year and Abigail is probably the most feared characters in the Street Fighter V roster as of now. There has been a lot of tech that has been discovered for the former Mad Gear boss and he’s been wrecking…

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