When Players Play Tabletop RPGs like a Video Game

War for the City of Peace

This post, in part, was inspired by recent content over a Fuzzy’s Dicecapades (Post 1,  Post 2 ), particularly about the video game mentality at the tabletop. But I’ve encountered players who treat tableotop RPGs like a videogame, too, and it’s a frustrating experience when they don’t realize my expectations when I run an RPG. Or when I’m a player expected to dish out MOAR DAMAGE each round.

This video game mentality has been around since…. first-person shooters, I guess. D&D Third and Fourth Editions certainly didn’t help diffusing this mentally (and in my opinion these RPGs encouraged it.) I can’t speak for D&D 5e.

I’m through trying to figure out its origins.

When I can say is this: the video game mentally is almost the opposite philosophy I learned when I started playing tabletop RPGs all those years ago.

The near limitless aspect of RPGs is what…

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