DDO: Death House

Bio Break

You know those horror movies where the good guys rush blindly into a place of certain death? That’s me. Seriously, it is me, especially in video games. I mean, here is a place that’s called “Death House,” and my first instinct is, “Yeah. Definitely. Let’s do that.”

Welcome back to DDO’s Barovia, which I am totally in love with. I spent about 10 minutes poking around the starting village and soaking up the excellent pseudo-Transylvanian atmosphere. Huge props to SSG for all of this. It’s so well done on the visuals and sounds.

Anyway, let’s rush after a couple of kids who allegedly went into this place! I’m sure nothing bad will come of it!

I get kind of punchy in instances where the developers are clearly trying to unnerve and scare us, so pretty much the whole time I was running through this place, I was cracking jokes and…

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