I’ll Review Anything: 8Bitdo’s FC30 Pro Controller

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Even before buying a Nintendo Switch, I knew that I would have to purchase at least one additional controller for it. Sure, the pair of JoyCon that comes with the device can work as two separate controllers, but I couldn’t see myself using them as the primary means of playing two-player games. And I was guaranteed to play two-player games – while not a hardcore gamer, my fiancee does enjoy playing certain video games every now and then. I wanted the Nintendo Switch to be a part of our regular activities.

But Nintendo’s official Pro Controller (priced at $69.99) is quite expensive for someone who just shelled out around $600 for the Switch, several games, and a 200 GB micro SD card. I needed a cheaper alternative. The first controller that I laid my eyes on that seemed to be able to fit my needs was 8Bitdo’s FC30 Pro Controller…

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