Biting the MMO hand that entertained you

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A week or so ago, two of my MMO blog buddies posted essays in which they, at least for now, had turned their back on this particular gaming genre. Syl discussed her rising despair over “broken” MMOs — usually in early access state — littering up Steam, and Wolfy mentioned how his weekly D&D session had started to take on more meaning than his previous MMO expeditions. Both have stepped away from MMOs, and both are saying (in their own way) something I have witnessed many times in following online gaming.

The general formula to it is this:

  • Be a very dedicated MMO player for a long period of time
  • Have some measure of burnout or find some other distraction/hobby
  • Exit the MMO genre (temporarily or permanently) and then feel a need to turn around and bite the hand that once entertained you

I mean this last statement as VERY…

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