The PS3 Launch Model

Blinking Nintendo


As I mentioned in a previous article, Sony stumbled with the PS3 mightily when it was first released. Plagued with a ridiculously expensive price, a lack of games, the early dominance of the Wii, and the one year head start of the Xbox 360, it’s still surprising that they narrowly edged Microsoft for second place in the 7th generation console wars. Some attributing factors to that were the increase in quality triple A exclusives, and developers finally understanding how to program for the Cel Processor, thus, improving on the once inferior multiplats. To me though, the biggest factor was the introduction of the slim and eventual super slim PS3. Stripping away most of the “unnecessary” features such as flash card readers, less USB ports, and PS2 backwards compatibility allowed for Sony to greatly reduce the price of the system. The key feature that truly angered gamers was the subtraction…

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