Why games don’t move us to tears

Lest My Opinions Go Unheard

Games are a narrative medium. Since I‘ve started gaming, a good 20 years ago, the response to that statement has gone from eye-rolling disagreement to cautious provisional acknowledgement, that it maybe, possibly and under specific circumstances could be considered as such. Now there are a lot of considered, precise and elaborately crafted definitions for any of the words ‚games‘, ‚narrative‘ or ‚medium‘ to make the opening statement make sense for a majority or minority of games. But I think that the reason why most people do not immediately and instinctively agree that games are a narrative medium, the way they would if you‘d ask them the same question about books or movies, has to do with how they affect us. Specifically, what kind of emotions they manage to evoke in us. Books are a narrative medium, and literature can tease out deeply felt emotions of joy or sadness. Movies are…

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