Meet The RollStats Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Players

Roll Stats

Hey, #StatRollers I’m planning on rolling out a series of posts featuring questions from my live group of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Players. Think D&D questions that come up at the table from players who are relatively new to Dungeons & Dragons! So, I thought a great way to kick that off would be to introduce you to the crew!

Currently, I’m running for six players, one of which has some extensive experience one which has a little experience and four of which are complete and total D&D noobs so I’m running them through the Lost Mine of Phandelver, a pre-written Adventure included in the Dungeons Dragons Fifth Edition starter set.They seem to be enjoying it so far.

My idea is to address the questions that come up at the gaming table in a series of posts here. Questions that come up during the game specifically from new…

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