Is it Time to Buy a Wii U? – Part 2

Blinking Nintendo


So about a year ago I wrote an article about how it was time to purchase a Wii U for a couple of reasons. The first being the future value of the console itself, since it only sold 13 million units, it would eventually go the way other failed consoles such as the Sega Saturn, more expensive as time goes on. The second being the plethora of stellar exclusive first party titles that are available to play on the console. Now that was a year ago, right around the time of the Switch launch, and in 365 days we’ve come a long way, and I must say, I’ve changed my tune.


Now when the Switch launched, Nintendo had already announced that ports of Mario Party 8 and Pokken Tournament were on the way, but other than that, you still needed a Wii U to play a majority of its great…

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