Discussing difficulty in MMORPGs


Massively OP had a discussion piece two days ago on difficulty in MMORPGs that was an interesting read, and that generated some incisive comments from the community. I’ll cherry-pick a few points to add my own thoughts too in this post:

I think definitely have to separate and break down “complexity” too in this discussion because while combat systems … have stiffened up considerably, we have lost design depth when it comes to other areas of the genre, like crafting depth (hey, Star Wars Galaxies) and housing depth (hey, EverQuest II) [part of Bree’s answer]

Bree made several good points but I really liked this one in particular, any discussion of difficulty in MMORPGs generally focuses on combat and she makes the point earlier in her answer that combat has become more complex not less complex; yet that seems to have been balanced in newer games by a…

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