Crypt Envy

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


(The following is the role-played adventure of my character as played on Whispering Pines UO. Though there he is no scripted vampire race, it is my fancy to role-play one.)

“You will never remove me from Blood Dungeon,” the balron chuckled, opening his leathery wings.

“I will at least kill you if I cannot have this crypt as my own,” Ilyana swore, swinging her two-hander up and down in front of her, sending out a fell swoosh-swoosh to unnerve her foe.

“No more talk then, blood-drinker. I hope hope your study of necromancy was as adept as your study of the samurai arts.” And with a bellow, the balron crashed his wings together, shielding his head from the arc of enchanted iron raining in upon him.

Ilyana had chosen to specialize in the White Crane sword art from a master in Tokuno. The art taught her to use the entire…

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