MyDDO: Forged by Blade

Mops Entertainment

With the announcement of the Shadowfell Conspiracy, they also announced the creation of a new class type. The iconic class. With that I have decided to take a closer look the one that is available now, the bladeforged paladin. Now I’m going to look at I from a lore stand point and I’m going to show off my own here. So first lets meet Shindaito:


Side note real quick, I love that I was able to make him look a Predator.

So what is a bladeforged? A bladeforged is a warforged that has been sent back through a creation forge (the device that was first used in the creation of the warfarged) by the Lord of Blades, in an attempt to make them his perfect solider. He does this after the warfoged supposedly came to him asking for this. However the process has “washed away” the warforged’s memory…

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