Gamer Crash Predicts E3 2018: Microsoft

Gamer Crash

E3 2018 is still over a month and a half early, but I’ve decided to start the party a little earlier than usual this year. It seems like more and more companies are trying to outdo each other by announcing things early, so in an effort to actually make some guesses as to what we’ll see, I’m starting my E3 prediction series a little earlier than normal.


This year, we’re kicking the prediction series off with Microsoft, who continues to find itself behind Sony. Part of their struggles seems to come from first party games or the fact that they don’t produce nearly as many console exclusives like they used to. Sea of Thieves came out last month but would you say it has/had the same buzz as a game like Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War? Sure, not a fair comparison, but this is the situation Microsoft…

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