I Have Collecting Fever!


I never really started “collecting” anything until eighth grade. I stumbled across a few YouTube channels surrounding people and their video game collections. I always assumed video games were something to buy and trade in once you bored of them, but at thirteen I realized you can keep this stuff forever and build your own library.

collection My video game collection is in the middle two shelves. Systems collected for: PS1/PS2/PS4/N64/X360/DS/3DS/Wii U/GameCube (I think I did pretty good) After eighth grade I spent the next four years collecting every video game that interested me. I found out that my tastes aligned with Nintendo, and so I played every single game in the mainstream Zelda and Mario series’. I also collected quite a few JRPGs and platformers.

I’m done collecting video games furiously now. And guess what? I have a library accurate to my own tastes. And I’m happy because of it.

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