MyDDO: I got enhancements in my Pale Master

Mops Entertainment

So awhile ago I wrote an article about the new enhancement system that we should be seeing at some point soon…ish. I also recently wrote an article Pale Masters. In that article I mentioned my original character, Hion. Well everyone say hello to Hion. Wave to the crowd Hion.


Or don’t. Sorry, the move to Lamannia has made him grumpy. Why is he on Lamannia? Well the enhancement system is back up there. Oh, and the armored fellow behind him? That’s Jack. I’ll explain him later. So let’s begin.


So this is Hion’s tree with everything spent. It was just easier to show this way. So sense he is a Pale Master primarily, lets start with that tree, and that tree starts with Dark Reaping:


So this ability makes your necromancy stronger the more points you put into the tree. It makes the concept of going purely in the…

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