MyDDO: Is a Pale Master (DDO) really a Pale Master?

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So I have played tabletop Dungeons and Dragons for about ten years now. I currently run a bi-weekly Eberron campaign. One of the first books I bought myself (after the 3.5 corebooks) was a book called Tome and Blood.

I got this because at the time I was playing an elf wizard. So while thumbing through the book I came across the section for prestige classes. In that section was this guy:


This is the first Pale Master. Well ok, maybe not the first, but it was my first exposure to it. I have no idea if it or something similar will in older versions. So anyway I started reading through the classes abilities and they got some really neat stuff. For instance, notice his left arm? They got the ability to graft undead limbs onto themselves in place of their own.  They could make armor from the dead as…

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