Cerge 9.0

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Cerge started out his life as a sorcerer and then he became a wizard and a bard (arcane sphere). His three first lives he was a non iconic, but since iconics were released, all of Cerge’s lives have been iconic. Before his current life as a ranger, he was a favored soul, a cleric, a paladin (divine sphere) and a druid. Now the time has come for Cerge to try artificer. Since I want to stick to iconics, Cerge’s arti life will be split with rogue.

This is my first time doing this kind of build, and even though I did ask Hamster for a lot of advice, I do want to try a few minor differences to see what I prefer. This is only the first draft, and I’ll most likely make changes along the way. For this draft I chose to put points in diplomacy, intimidate and bluff…

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