PS Vita: The Ultimate PSP/PS1 Handheld

Blinking Nintendo


I’m going to start this article by saying that I’m guilty of being fashionably late to the PS Vita party. I picked one up nearly 5 and a half years after its release, and thank god I did because it’s easily my favorite handheld ever. Not only are the graphics amazing, as a fan of Japanese games, there are an abundance of quality titles to choose from. Options like Persona 4 Golden, YS VIII, Lost Dimension, and Dragon’s Crown are just a few examples of the great games available on the Vita. I haven’t even mentioned remote play with your PS4, which essentially turns your Vita into a handheld PS4. But I digress. This article isn’t about me gushing all about the Vita, but I will gush about something that people who love digital games will appreciate. That being the PS Vita in my opinion, is the ultimate PS1/PSP handheld.

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