Raids week 76

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday (May 26), I had decided to post for baba’s reaper 1 skull, since I won’t be able to post for raids next Saturday and I had planned to do a reaper try soon. My post went up at 9 pm my time, and in about 10 minutes we were ready to start. My lfm post had said “R1 first try”, as I wasn’t sure we’d complete on the first try, and I wasn’t quite sure on the tactics needed. The first part to beat baba down until the hut lands went well, and we had a plan for who goes where in the hut (spent an extra 5 min making said plan). While my lfm was up, before we started Stitchz sent me some tells about the difficulty of a reaper run, said the hardest part was the shadows. We quickly learned that for us the hardest part…

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Return to Quasqueton – Map 3 of 3

Dyson's Dodecahedron

This is the third map in the Return to Quasqueton series where I re-imagine and remap the dungeon maps of the classic 1979 D&D adventure “In Search of the Unknown”. The three maps in the series are:

The Caverns of Quasqueton The Caverns of Quasqueton

The fortress/dungeon of Quasqueton was not completed before the residents marched off to war against the northern barbarians. While the main floors of the structure are almost finished, the in-progress nature of the structure becomes apparent when descending into the lower level which is still mostly natural caves that remain unworked for the most part.

Access to this level is either via the stairs into the finished structures roughly in the middle of the map, or via the hole that runs down from the smithy on the upper level, through a…

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Requested: Melee warlock for morninglord past life

DDO Build Masters

All of my warlocks have been pure, even my melee builds. Here we’ll see how to get the most out of it when locked into 1 cleric level.

Single weapon fighting warlock using aura and bursts. Pact is free choice, the pact portion of Eldritch Blast (EB) is not a major focus since DCs will not be maxxed and enlightened spirit (ES) brings light damage to the EB, so fey is an option for leap or fiend for hurl, old one for knock, whatever. Choose alignment accordingly; I recommend true neutral if you plan to do epic reincarnations to allow options.

18 warlock with 2 cleric. (optional 1clr/1ftr, if you find the ap is too tight and the tier2 cleric enhancements not worth it. I’m leaning this way now that I’ve written it up)

Stat priority: pretty even need for str/con/cha, con is tough since elf, any extra in int…

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The importance of trading in MMORPGs


Massively asked a Daily Grind question yesterday on the importance of person-to-person trading in MMOs. It’s something that I actually firmly believe should be in MMORPGs as one of several means for players to interact with others in economic terms. For me it is equally as important as having an auction house in some form.

Trading character-to-character is for me, first and foremost, of use for social and group play: when we’re opening all those endless loot bags in Secret World Legends (so many glyph bags…), it’s less tiresome because we can trade the unwanted weapons and glyphs back and forth. With us playing the game in a leveling trio, this allows us to maximise the usability of what we collectively receive.

Pistols I do not need…

With the game’s super-grindy upgrade system it helps that all three of us are collecting items and sharing them in this way…

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Updated MELEE Bard Multi Class Trapper Build

DDO Build Masters

Melee Bard Multi Class Build

Having done many bard multi-class Swashbucklers (SB) we have narrowed in on the build of choice. This is the updated build following the kensei tree update.

12 Bard / 2 Rogue / 6 Fighter

12 Bard gets you everything you need to melee as a Bard. Core 4 Swashbuckler Enhancement And tier 5’s in the Swashbuckler tree.  All the spells you need with 12 levels get you 3 level 4 Bard spells for Dimension Door, FoM, and cure crit. You also have the standard Blur, Invis, good hope, haste, and of course Displacement. It’s not too much of a hassle to scroll GH as you don’t have level 5 spells.

Bard also enables you to get plenty of skill points each level to keep up and maximize your rogue skills, perform and charisma skills. You have a build that can trap with the best, insta-kill with…

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Episode 257: A Fighting Game Noob Tries Playing on a Fight Stick For a Week

3rd World Geeks


My brother decided to make a big purchase last week. He actually saved up to get enough cash to buy it but it was something that he’s wanted for a long time. That thing is a arcade stick purposefully designed for fighting games. It wasn’t just any old arcade stick, mind you. He got the Qanba Obsidian, an extremely beefy fight stick with a really sleek look to it. It’s even got lights on the sides of it! I have no idea how that would help anyone when using it to play fighting games but it sure looks cool!

Anyway, he always wanted one since he grew up playing Street Fighter and Tekken in the arcades. He’s always felt more comfortable playing fighting games using the arcade stick setup but the really good ones were always pricey so he always had second thoughts about getting one. He always played…

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DDO: Sealed in Amber

Bio Break

Our adventures in Fantasy Transylvania continue with Sealed in Amber, a quest that seems to exist to confuse me as to the overarching storyline. I sort of get that everyone is against Strahd, but at this point I’ve rescued several people and ancient artifacts that were supposed to strike a blow against him, and all I’ve gotten for my troubles is more quests to rescue people and find ancient artifacts. Maybe I’m in the gameplay loop from hell.

Anyway, here’s another quest to find some doohickey. And it’s being given to me by a Dusk Elf, which you know is a good sign. Let’s count down the minutes until he messes things up well and good.

Oh hey, it’s Creepy Tarot Lady! She’s here to give me the randomized location of the sacred doohickey. I like how the statue in the background seems to be mimicking her (or vice-versa).


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