The Mega Dads 50 Best Games of All Time: 20-11

week fourThe Top 20. This is where we bring out the big guns. Zelda, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy. These are the defining games of our lifetime. Some of the games you’ll find on this list are critically acclaimed classics, some are sentimental favorites that the two of us fell in love with more than the average gamer. Either way, the games on this list are amazing and if you haven’t played them, definitely worth your time.

week4-01Metal Gear Solid

In a time when the industry was exploring the cinematic approach to game presentation Metal Gear Solid released and stunned gamers with its summer blockbuster feel. Playing the first moments of Snake’s mission through the opening credit roll, a pulse-pounding soundtrack, dynamic action-heavy cutscenes and hallmark voice-acting (for the time) are but some of the things that made MGS the benchmark for cinematic games. Snake’s first PlayStation outing still stands head and…

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