TRing hearts and past lives

DDO Build Masters

Basics (how to)

You need to be “at cap” and have a heart of wood and go to the reincarnation grove in the hall of heroes.

There are 2 different at caps and many different hearts. Heroic cap is level 20. Cap is 30. The type of heart needed depends on your current race not the one you are going to.

If you are at heroic cap on a non-iconic race, you can heroic TR using a heroic true heart of wood obtained in the twelve from the lava guy for 20 tokens of the twelve. You can then start at 1 as a standard race or 15 as an iconic. You will get a past life for the class you have the most levels in (there is a complicated relationship for multiclasses with equal levels. see wiki).

You also have the option of using a heart of…

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