DDO: Order of Vengeance

Bio Break

Welcome Syp to Team Vampire Killers! I’ll be your stereotypical guide, Professor Von Muttonchops. You’ll need your own stakes, some extra garlic, and an extreme death wish.

Now that I’ve survived Strahd’s bouncy fun castle, I’m apparently good enough to be recruited for some more serious work by the local vampire killers. The first step on this path? Delivering a giant dragon skull to a bunch of ticked-off ghosts.


Off to another castle — well, a mansion, really, where the smuggest dragon statue in the world guards its front doors. It’s here that an order devoted to fighting Strahd and protecting the land has actually all been killed and then stuck around in perpetual misery. Apparently giving them back the skull of the dragon that was the mascot of their club is supposed to give them new hope.

You’d think they’d be more hospitable, since we are all on…

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