MyDDO: Finally Broke the Barrier

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So, about this time last year I wrote this article. The character I headlined in the article was my main character, Renockus d’ Phiarlan (Renny or Ren for short). He can be found on the Orien server.  At the time that I wrote the article, he was level 16. Why am I saying all this. Well on April 2nd of this year I successfully broke a barrier that I thought I would never brake. Ren is officially my first DDO character to brake Epic Level. At the time of me righting this, he is a level 16 rogue, 4 fighter. So what has changed from that article to now? Well lets take a look.


The above is Ren’s original enhancement tree when the new enhancement was brought to live.  Below is the what his enhancements looked like when he hit level twenty.


So looking at the two trees some…

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