5 NES Games That I Played Far Too Much

I Played The Game!

Whilst it wasn’t my first machine for gaming, the NES was one of the most significant gaming systems I ever owned.  Over its many, many years of loyal service I played a lot of games on it, either owned or borrowed.  Some stuck in my memory for various reasons, some good, some bad.  The games below are the ones I remember playing far more than others over those formative years, for better or worse.  Take a look!

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

Alright, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way here.  I loved this game and played it so many times.  Yes, I opened the map that came with it for if you were stuck.  Yes, I used the “Zelda” cheat.  And yes, I needed a guide to get to the end of the game.  But damn was it a great journey at the time.

Legend of Zelda NES It’s dangerous to go…

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