DDO: A raven at the door

Bio Break

I had a hunch that a setpiece as big as Castle Ravenloft wasn’t going to be used for a grand total of one mission in this expansion pack. Lo and behold, I’m back for another trip into this twisty-turny gothic castle as I answer the call to save the son of Ms. People Magazine Most Beautiful NPCs of 2018.

Oof. Some of these models do NOT look that good when you see them frozen like this. This is the sort of visuals I’d expect with EverQuest, but no matter.

Anyway, while the initial goal of this quest is to rescue some idiot who decided to kip inside the castle to try to steal some valuable from Strahd, the interesting twist is that you don’t actually have to rescue him at all. It’s an optional goal, and since the quest was long enough as it is, I decided to leave him…

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