MyDDO: All Mabar’s Eve

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Autumn is upon us. The birds are flying south. The leaves on the trees are changing color. The dead are rising as the plane of endless night converges on the word. Maybe I should explain that. You see, in Dungeons and Dragons Online this is the time of year that everyone is gearing up for the games Halloween event, Mabar Festival. During this the dead rise in Dalara’s Graveyard, and players slay them to obtain collectables to turn in for motes of night. You use the motes of night to purchase upgradable items. After you get your item you will need to get more collectables. I’ll get into that more later. What I really want to talk about is Mabar itself.


Mabar, the Endless Night. Realm of the dead, right? Well, not exactly. While Mabar is home to some undead (shadows, bodak, and nightshades) it is not the realm of…

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