Conversation and critique: worst-rated games

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Every gamer has at least one story of the worst video game they’ve ever played. Perhaps it was an experimental release from a favourite developer; a really bad sequel to a much-loved title; a rushed tie-in with a great movie; or a mess of pixels so broken that it was almost unplayable. We’ve all had that moment of excitedly purchasing a game before coming to the horrific realisation that we’ve spent this month’s gaming budget on a complete dud.

As part of his nomination for the Sunshine Blogger award, Alex from The Daily Rager asked everyone about the worst titles they’ve ever completed and the games that made them wish they had brain bleach. In honour of his love of satire, and because I’m obviously a glutton for punishment, instead of writing about my own terrible experiences (Fable III: I’m looking at you), I decided to dig…

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