Gamer Spotlight: Keza MacDonald


Keza MacDonald

Video Games Editor, The Guardian

Keza MacDonald is a veteran of games journalism and has been writing about the industry since she was 16 years old. She has written for outlets such as IGN, Eurogamer, and was the editor-in-chief at Kotaku UK before landing her current position as the Video Games Editor for The Guardian.

Much of her writing focuses on the culture surrounding gaming, including the ethics of crowdfunding and diversity in game development. She also co-wrote the book You Died: The Dark Souls Companion. Since becoming a parent, she has written extensively on the subject of gaming and parenthood, including this article about the difficulty she had in finding time to play Destiny 2 as a new mom.

What is the first video game that you remember playing?

“Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, specifically Super Mario World. My parents were quite suspicious…

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