MyDDO: DDO vs. Neverwinter

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I play both games. Just like when DDO was going free to play, I was in the open beta for Neverwinter. With my experience with both I figured I have them face each other in a fight to the death… except with out the blood, and the violence, and the death. I’m going to compare the games based off of graphics, gameplay, story of the starting area, and community. These are just my opinions. You don’t have to agree. So lets begin.

Round 1: Graphics

This one is not as one sided as you may believe. While Dungeons & Dragons launched in 2006 and Neverwinter launched in 2013, I feel that there is something… plastic (for lack of better word) about the graphics of the character models in Neverwinter. Well see for your self. The first wizards is the preview for the control wizard in Neverwinter, The second is the…

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