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I Played The Game!

A bit thank you to Nick The Gent for this one.  I’ve been trying to be better at doing these sort of posts when I’m nominated for them (and again, sorry to any of those from the past that I’ve missed) so I’m doing them as I get them right now.  This is one about gaming confessions I think!  10 questions on games I like and don’t like.  Enjoy!

A Game Everyone Loves But You Can’t Stand: Minecraft


Ok, an easy one to start, and it’s probably fairly obvious why I don’t like Minecraft.  I’m just too old.  I say this because all those who seemed to love it were far younger than me.  I tried playing it for a while, but I couldn’t see the point in what I was doing.  The survival mode was an interesting idea, but without any real direction I found myself getting very…

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